New Students

​New Students

Welcome to Liberty High School!

 Step 1

Complete the enrollment process through District 20 Central Registry. Call 719-234-1200 for more information.

  • When you are officially enrolled at Liberty, Central Registry will give you paperwork with your Infinite Campus login and password.
  • Make sure you complete a third party consent form (3rd Party Agreement D20.pdf) if you have a step-parent or other legal guardian that needs access to your student(s) information.

 Step 2

​Complete your grade level registration worksheet: for specific course information and suggestions.

  • Go to the LHS course guide by clicking here.
  • Use your grade-level worksheet below to help you plan your courses:

Incoming Class of 2024 (see PowerPoint)

Class of 2024 Student Worksheet

Class of 2023 Student Worksheet

Class of 2022 Student Worksheet

Class of 2021  Student Worksheet

 Step 3

Submit your completed registration worksheet to the correct grade level counselor. Grades 10th-12th must also submit a transcript.
  • You can save or scan these documents and email to the counselor or bring it into the school.
  • If you are entering grades 10th through 12th, you must also submit a copy of your transcript before your counselor can build your schedule. The transcript can be an unofficial copy or a report card with all courses and grades listed. Transcripts will be reviewed to ensure proper placement in courses at Liberty. Once counselors have your completed worksheet and transcript, your schedule can be built for the school year.

 Step 4

​If your schedule includes Honors or AP courses, please check for summer assignments using the link below.

There is not a school supply list for Liberty High School. Students may use their preferred organizational system (notebooks, binders, etc.) that works best. If teachers require specific supplies, they will notify student during the first week of school.

 Step 5

​Check Liberty's graduation requirements to verify you are on track to graduate:


 Step 6

If you are in grades 10-12 and would like to make an appointment with your counselor for next year, please e-mail one of the following grade level counselors by clicking on their name below. We will verify your enrollment at Liberty and contact you for an appointment. 

Class of 2024: Mrs. Rosalie Kroeker

Class of 2023: Mrs. Abby Domier-Bonnin

Class of 2022: Mrs. Emily Davis

Class of 2021: Mrs. Samantha Sholts

  • We will not schedule appointments for incoming 9th graders as you will receive all information on Freshmen First Day on August 15th.
  • Remember that you must complete the enrollment process through District 20's Central Registry prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • You must submit your transcript and completed registration worksheet prior to your appointment or bring them with you. If counselors do not have these two documents, your appointment will be rescheduled.
  • If you have an IEP, 504, or ALP please bring copies of your most current plan to your counselor.

 Step 7

​Learn more about Liberty High School!

School Tour & Map

Bell Schedule (updated schedule coming soon)

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Advanced Placement (AP)


Clubs & Activities