The LHS Counseling Program seeks to provide a high quality of services to students, parents and school staff created through our Student Services Center. The Center consists of four grade-level teams responsible for the academic advising, counseling, attendance, and discipline functions for each grade level, and students are assigned to a team according to grade level.  The team members follow the students from grade 9 through graduation.
 Counselors are available throughout the school day to assist ​students with academic, emotional, and social issues. Students may schedule appointments before or after school, at lunch, or between classes.
 Liberty counselors work with students, parents, and school staff by providing coordination, consultation, and counseling services.

                     Freshmen Team: Class of 2021

Assistant Principal

Cindy Wenzel
AP Secretary Misty Massie
​Grade 9 Counselor Brittney Nosker

​                       Sophomore Team: Class of 2020
Assistant Principal Kelly Hoyle
AP Secretary Tamara Overton
​Grade 10 Counselor Rosalie Kroeker

                            Junior Team: Class of 2019
Assistant Principal Michael Sibley ​234-2250
AP Secretary Chelsey Shub
Grade 11 Counselor Daniel Kirby

                              Senior Team: Class of 2018               

Assistant Principal

Holly Meacham

AP Secretary Rebecca Keyser
Grade 12 Counselor Tara Garcia 234-2232
College & Career
College & Career Counselor
​Lisa Scott 234-2240
​College & Career Secretary Michelle Briggs ​234-2240
​                                            TAG & AP
​TAG Coordinator
Judith Gaughan 234-2238
​AP Coordinator Holly Meacham ​234-2201
​Counseling SecretaryJulie Sandal​234-2248
​SAFE CounselorRenea Hendershott
 What does the school counselor do?
  • Individual counseling available for one–on-one meetings.  This provides a student or parent maximum privacy to explore ideas, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Scheduling of classes for each student.  We want to ensure students are meeting graduation and higher education requirements for college admission.
  • Large group guidance within the ICAP curriculum to assist students in developing academic and post high school plans.
  • Guidance for college/career planning. Information is provided and discussed through classroom guidance, class meetings,  and information nights. The LHS website includes a comprehensive college/career page.
  • Consultation with parents, students, teachers, administrators, outside community agencies, representatives from colleges, and military recruiters.
  • Coordinates with  school and community agencies.
  • Collaborates with others to gather information, mediate, plan and problem solve.
  • State/Post-Secondary testing which may include: PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, ASVAB, CO state SAT, ACT.
  • ICAP college and career planning (Individual Career and Academic Planning).