​Student Services


Principal Alan Thimmig 234-2212
​Principal's Secretary Susan McGinnis ​234-2212
Assistant Principal Holly Meacham ​234-2201
​Assistant Principal's SecretaryRebecca Keyser​234-2201
Assistant Principal Kelly Hoyle 234-2222
​Assistant Principal's SecretaryTamara Overton​234-2202
Assistant Principal​ Cindy Wenzel ​234-2222
​Assistant Principal's Secretary ​Misty Massie ​234-2222
​Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director
​Michael Sibley 234-2250
Athletic Secretary​ Chelsey Shub ​234-2250
​Dean of Students Angela Duca 234-2223
​Dean's Secretary
Kelly Keyes234-2225​


Counseling SecretaryJulie Sandal​234-2248
​Freshmen CounselorBrittney Nosker
​Sophomore CounselorRosie Kroeker
Junior CounselorDaniel Kirby
​Senior CounselorTara Garcia
​College & Career CounselorLisa Scott​234-2230
​College & Career SecretaryMichelle Briggs​234-2240

Additional information can be found on our

Counseling page.


 Attendance Secretaries

Grade 10/12 SecretaryShani Miller
Grade 9/11 SecretaryMarlene Heitzman

Additional information can be found on our Attendance page

 Other Main Office Staff

​Bookkeeper Denise Bouchard ​234-2205
​CNAHeather Alcorn​234-2274


Jane Manderfield​234-6723

Additional Information can be found on our Health Room page.​ ​

​Registrar ​Holly Hopkins ​234-2204
Sodexho Food Service ​234-2393
Student Resource Officer Jamie Palaia ​234-2263