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2D Art

If you think paint and color are fun, these are the classes for you.  The 2D multimedia program covers a wide range of materials and techniques.  Charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint are just some of the media explored.  Drawing from observation, illustration, expressive abstract work, and even making your own paper are among the many techniques employed for a creative process that encourages self-expression and growth. 


Enjoy working with your hands? Come play with clay in Ceramics! Enjoy expressing your creativity through ceramic hand building techniques and even throwing on the wheel. Learn more about yourself and the power of meaning making through 3D form, in a fun and messy environment.  


Create them, wear them, gift them.  From designing to production the Jewelry program guides and instructs our students who work with new and traditional materials to produce unique, personalized pieces.   Modeling, soldering, and riveting are some of the techniques applied for these courses. 

Digital Art

Our photography program is taught by two professional photographers who have a passion for showing students how to capture the beauty around them! Come check out our brand new lighting studio, and updated camera equipment! No personal camera needed. Liberty also offers Digital Media classes, teaching you all you need to know about graphic design, and utilizing new technology to create digital art. Come and discover how to explore your creativity with various Adobe Programs, and digital tools.  

AP Art Program

Thinking of taking your art further, maybe into a career?  The Advanced Placement program offers students the opportunity to create an individualized portfolio that is an expression of their interests, ideas, and artistic choices. Our school offers Photography, 3D art, or multimedia AP art classes!  Students portfolios are submitted to College Board for evaluation, and various schools for scholarships and awards.  The quality, diversity and originality of ideas are the culmination of two semesters of learning and growth.   

AP Art History

Why is Monalisa so famous?  What is the story behind Van Gough's mutilated ear, and why is that piece in a museum?  This college course explores the history of art from prehistory to contemporary, helping our students understand the why and how of art. At the college level, students will make connections between history, trends, spirituality, and the creation of art.