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Freshmen & Junior Attendance Secretary

Nadia Sinkola: 719- 234-2241

Sophomore & Senior Attendance Secretary

Shani Miller: 719-234-2242

A parent/guardian may call the appropriate grade level secretary to report an absence. Answering machines are available after school hours.

Absences not cleared by the end of the day will generate an automated attendance phone call to remind you. The failure to communicate with the Attendance secretary within 24 hours may result in a disciplinary referral to the Dean of Students and/or administrator for consequences.

Please provide the following information when reporting a student absence

  1. Name of the person calling and your relationship to the student

  2. Name of the student - please spell the last name

  3. Date of the absence

  4. Reason for absence

  5. A telephone number that we may call to clarify questions or to verify the absence if needed

  6. If a student is to be checked out for an appointment please let us know if they will be returning

The following are examples of excused absences

  • Illness or injury

  • Medical/dental appointments

  • Funerals

  • Court/law enforcement

  • Family emergency

  • School-related activities

  • Religious holiday

  • Administrative approval

Additional information can be found in the LHS Student Handbook.

Leaving Campus During the Day

​Once a student has arrived on campus, he/she is expected to be in class. If a student must leave campus prior to the end of the day, the parent should notify the attendance office as soon as possible.  If you are aware of an upcoming absence, you may notify the Attendance Office in advance; you do not need to wait until the actual day of absence. 

  • Your student will receive a pass during the block in which they need to leave school

  • The student MUST check in with Attendance upon returning to school (even during passing periods or lunch)

  • If student is arriving late to school due to an excused absence, they MUST check in with Attendance

  • If student is arriving late to school due to an unexcused absence, they may go straight to class

Pre-Arranged Absence

​For an extended pre-planned absence of more than two consecutive days, please fill out our Pre-Arranged Absence Form, and print it out for students. Please allow your student enough time to obtain the required signatures and turn in the signed form to the Attendance Office no later than 2 days before the absence.